Holes in the Force Field

I’m sitting in the grey light of a Friday morning, at the tail end of a week when it has rained and monsoon like winds have gusted, shaking down the the final bursts of autumn color. It’s the tipping point of the year, the final… Read More

Puddle Jump

I avoid the phone like it’s a muddy puddle on the sidewalk, like it’s a mess waiting to happen. I avoid the neediness of it, as though I fear it makes me a crying child. Notice me, now.  Stop, whatever you’re doing, as I’m buzzing and… Read More


Parent Survival 101

I took an online quiz the other day, highlighting scenarios in which my survival depended upon correctly knowing how to use a cell phone to start a fire in the mountains, or how to navigate my ship (on my solo-trip across the ocean) if all… Read More