Dating and Marriage

It was early afternoon on a Friday, our only day “off” during the busyness of our schedules of school co-ops, teaching, shooting and Vinnie working 12-hour overnight shifts at the homeless shelter. I was on the treadmill, trying to sweat my way out of this… Read More

Making Friends with Three AM

It’s been weeks now, maybe months. I wake up in the dark, at two or three, and I lay. I listen to creaks of the house. I stare at the ceiling, watch the slice of light from the street lamps that comes in-between the cracks… Read More


Letters to My Daughter: Sexy

I’m not sure where the word came from. I don’t know where you first heard it, or how you came to incorporate it into your vocabulary, without fully understanding it’s meaning. But, it’s there. You strike a pose in front of your friend and have… Read More