The Anti-Mommy Mom

The first few months of Alex’s life, we were a stumbling mess of exhaustion and scattered hormonal reactions to Hallmark commercials and VH1 reality TV.  Okay, when I say, “we” I mean “me.” I wasn’t prepared for the way that motherhood would slam up against… Read More

Frozen Moon

Properly, Truly, Lost

I was lost last week. Properly, truly, lost. I was in the woods, doing a shoot for a rock climbing and adventure group. We had spent the first part of the morning setting up lines and getting our bearings in the park, and so when… Read More

Holes in the Force Field

I’m sitting in the grey light of a Friday morning, at the tail end of a week when it has rained and monsoon like winds have gusted, shaking down the the final bursts of autumn color. It’s the tipping point of the year, the final… Read More