Good, Better, Best

It’s quarter to five on a Wednesday. I’m stirring three pots on my stove top and grating Parmesan over a cookie sheet of roasted asparagus. I’m running to grab Alex’s gi from his drawer. I’m texting Vinnie to ask if I should bring their dinner… Read More


We lose ourselves, sometimes. In pieces, in moments, in the steps between up and down, in the busyness of a day or the stillness of a single minute. We lose ourselves in boxes, in vehicles, in the transition from one space to another. We lose… Read More

Yeah, But…(And Be Quiet Already)

I was just flipping through the pages of the magazine, just skimming for any potential recipes or, really, anything to make the garbage-bound thing worth saving, and there was this quote, tucked away in small print, beneath a picture of a woman in boxing gear,… Read More