Tomorrow, she wants to make her own cake – pink with pink frosting and topped with either a princess, or a miniature statuette of “mama and daddy, married.” Tomorrow, she wants nothing specific for a gift, but would like to be “surprised”…perhaps with something “sparkly.”… Read More

Friendship After Thirty

A friend who is balancing a baby, grad school and packing for a trip across the country that leaves tomorrow, was planning on coming over this afternoon, just to visit. Coffee, chatting, babies and kids playing. Very casual. I’m still in yoga pants. Her husband… Read More

Letters To My Daughter: Touch

I didn’t sleep well last night. You came shuffling into our bedroom in the shadows, a half-asleep, half-awake, sniffling and confused body. You climbed into our bed and snuggled, wrapping your eight year old limbs up around my body. I turned away, you nestled closer.… Read More