Five Minutes

I was awake at four this morning, puttering around my home, restless. Restless soul. Restless mind. Restless heart. I read the word J O Y. It was hanging up across the room from me, nudging me into the spirit of the season in holly and jolly… Read More


I want slow. I want patience, like sitting in a diner with a glass bottle of Heinz ketchup, unwilling to shake, to hurry. Just waiting. I want slow. I want quiet, like Sunday mornings, when the children are at Grandmas’ and I’m left to eggs… Read More

The Anti-Mommy Mom

The first few months of Alex’s life, we were a stumbling mess of exhaustion and scattered hormonal reactions to Hallmark commercials and VH1 reality TV.  Okay, when I say, “we” I mean “me.” I wasn’t prepared for the way that motherhood would slam up against… Read More