Parent Survival 101

I took an online quiz the other day, highlighting scenarios in which my survival depended upon correctly knowing how to use a cell phone to start a fire in the mountains, or how to navigate my ship (on my solo-trip across the ocean) if all… Read More


Evie pees on the potty, but somehow manages to get it everywhere else in the bathroom too. Evie empties her dresser drawers of all of her clothing, and she fills them instead with rocks, with junk mail flyers, with a crumpled paper towel from her peanut… Read More


I baked cupcakes this weekend. At the tail-end of a terrible week for me, emotionally, personally, and in some ways, (even if only in my own eyes,) professionally, I pulled down a sacks of flour and sugar from my new kitchen cabinets. I melted bakers… Read More