The House Kinaney

One Year

It’s an old story, stop me if you’ve heard it before. Two thirty-something moms stop for a drink on their way home from grocery shopping on a winter’s eve. They sit at the bar, at the only available seats, and are chatted up by an… Read More

The Sweetest One

The other morning, Vinnie was up before me, off to do a presentation for Thrive with his best friend. I cleaned up after the kid’s breakfast, and as I collected orange peels in my palms and as I loaded the dishwasher, I thought how very strange… Read More


All Things Considered – Fogdog

It’s the Word of the Day today. Fogdog. It means, a bright spot sometimes seen in a fog bank. Fogdog chimed as it arrived in my inbox at 7:40. Like most every other morning this summer, I was already awake when it popped up… Read More