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Privilege Is…

There is an ocean between us,
between our worlds, between our beliefs,
between the shades of our skin, the
terrain of the lands that we walk,
the ways that our days unfold.

But, next door, my neighbor has a baby,
and I have four growing children of my own,
and you might too,
or your neighbor might.
Next door to you, might be three babies,
hungry, wondering why their mom
is cowering by the window and watching for
missiles, or broken bits of defense planes
to fall from the sky and shatter your
silent night.

It’s two days in and, HERE, we are on TikTok,
we are on word games, or liking someone’s new
living room furniture on social media.
We are living as though your neighbor’s babies
are not hearing explosions drop.
Crackling through the sky.

Here, we are willingly sailing a million miles away.
We are cruise ship America.

Proudly mask-free*

*After so much arduous debate and finger-pointing and ceaseless judging of everyone on every side

<world – and innocents literally – burning>**

**Can we see the bigger picture, now?

(Wait, here comes the new Love is Blind episode drop…To be continued.)

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