I once had a nearly completed novel about a twenty-seven-year-old, leaving her job on a whim and finding herself out in Eastern Europe. It was perfectly fine, a novel that I had begun when I was fresh out of college and applying to Master’s programs.… Read More

Spring Cleaning – (Debridement Style)

“Debridement: The medical removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue.” I fell last week. A clumsy, awkward, stumble and crash onto the sidewalk of a busy street. In breaking my fall, I sent my phone… Read More

The Trickster Month

There are bruises on my thigh. They’re from an evening over a week ago, injuries I don’t remember happening. I found them on a Sunday morning and wondered how bruises from someone else’s battle could be on my skin. One looks like the continent of… Read More