Project Home Again

The distance between us, isn’t. It simply isn’t. It doesn’t exist. Physically, she’s across the loading dock from me, sure, but the space we’re living in, it’s the same. It’s as safe and certain as any of us are at any point in our lives.… Read More

In Our Skin

My skin is thin. Visible veins on my eyelids, the soft underside of my wrists, the palms of my hands and creases of my elbows. There are places you can see the blues and green map of my life. My skin has the scars of… Read More

If (And Everything After)

My children’s great-grandmother died last week. She was my father-in-law’s mother and had been a fixture at every family holiday and Sunday afternoon in my memory. She was small in stature, but a spitfire who would tell you like it is. She would sit on… Read More