Spring Cleaning – (Debridement Style)

“Debridement: The medical removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue.” I fell last week. A clumsy, awkward, stumble and crash onto the sidewalk of a busy street. In breaking my fall, I sent my phone… Read More

The Trickster Month

There are bruises on my thigh. They’re from an evening over a week ago, injuries I don’t remember happening. I found them on a Sunday morning and wondered how bruises from someone else’s battle could be on my skin. One looks like the continent of… Read More


I woke up at four-thirty AM, with an Evaline petting my face and her leg draped over my hip. Along with repeatedly nudging her off and away from me, as the radiator hissed and filled our bedroom with so-much-heat that I couldn’t uncover enough to… Read More