All of the Above

Evaline woke me last week, by climbing up onto my bed and softly touching her fingertips to my shoulder. You never sleep this late. Sleep? Had I been sleeping? My eyes could barely open, the weight of the lids felt just as heavy as they… Read More

The Slipping Season

It’s been a very subtle thing, since around Christmas time of last year. This feeling, this slow knowing that things were starting to slip. Intangible, largely indescribable things. Inside, Outside. After my grandmother’s funeral last winter, my father pointed out that one of my eyes… Read More


I dreamt of loss last night, I don’t even remember of what. I don’t even know that what was lost showed itself as anything more than a shadow. It was a faceless lingering heaviness, a hollowness, a hand that let go, an unceremonious goodbye. When… Read More