Into the Wilderness

I attempted to take a selfie at the end of a three day trip to the Catskill Mountains in Big Indian, NY. After spending a lot of my time there, documenting the adventure, I guess I wanted some way to show that I was there,… Read More

Spring, We Can Do Better

I don’t trust spring. It’s slow and indecisive. It comes in waves of warmth, then turns a shoulder and you’re cranking the heat again. Like most lifelong New Englanders, the sweaters and jeans and long sleeve shirts stay in my drawers, ready at a moment’s notice,… Read More


Earlier this week, I went away. On my own, I drove the long miles out to the Berkshires and doubted my decision as every mile marker blurred past. What was I doing? Leaving Vinnie to figure out childcare for three days and rearrange his overnight… Read More