Sugar Bowl

It’s small and butter-yellow. When we first moved in and I was in rapid-fire nesting-mode, I spent the better part of every moment, while sitting in the passenger seat in the van, or waiting in the grocery store line, or during long late-late nights, tucked into bed, scrolling… Read More


Trust The Process

We’re building a deck. At the moment, our yard looks like a war zone… it’s posts sticking up from the ground, it’s dusty bags of cement and piles of pressure treated wood planks. It’s a mess. Trust the process, someone said to me, when I… Read More

On Walking

At least a couple times a week, I’ll walk to the grocery store. It’s not that impressive, really. It’s about four miles, round trip, (though the return trip – with heavy bags slung over my shoulders, bumping against my sides – always feels like five). I get… Read More