I wake up at five and Evaline meets me by her bedroom door as I pass on my way to get a drink of water. We don’t speak, just look at one another in the glow of the twinkling lights illuminating her bedroom. She follows… Read More

Sugar Bowl

It’s small and butter-yellow. When we first moved in and I was in rapid-fire nesting-mode, I spent the better part of every moment, while sitting in the passenger seat in the van, or waiting in the grocery store line, or during long late-late nights, tucked into bed, scrolling… Read More


Trust The Process

We’re building a deck. At the moment, our yard looks like a war zone… it’s posts sticking up from the ground, it’s dusty bags of cement and piles of pressure treated wood planks. It’s a mess. Trust the process, someone said to me, when I… Read More