About: Why The Frozen Moon?

Because I only have one life to live, but hundreds of lives I would if I could. I need a place to make peace with that.

Because the insomnia only gets worse when I’m not writing.

Because I will remember the big things, but want to hold the ordinary moments in my heart as well.

Because the quote: “That I could clamber to the frozen moon. And draw the ladder after me.” (Arthur Schopenhauer) is a much more eloquent way of saying “I would lock myself in the bathroom for five hours if I could get even a moment of quiet solitude in the midst of this loud, hectic, life.”

Because sometimes, even I have something to say.

If you’re curious,

Writings and Published Works


  1. If only we lived close, I’d invite you over for tea and madelines, or coffee with fresh banana bread – any excuse to discuss life and writing and mothering and such.


  2. I’m still going to your first major book signing event at the publisher’s headquarters in NYC….Just need a week’s notice. 🙂 I’m so glad you finally posted this site on your Mobile Home Mistress site. I checked it every Sunday for an update. Was worried something had happened… love love love your writing.

  3. I included your site in my blog roll so I wouldn’t have to google your dang blog address all the time. Yeah for new writer friends!

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