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Art and Outtakes and Living Big, Messy, Passionate Lives

We watched a slideshow of old photographs for Lila’s birthday. Pixelated, not entirely crisp or even well-seen pictures, all blown up for closer inspection on our big screen television. Close-ups of messy Popsicles in the fists of toddlers, boring pictures of kids perched atop park slides, so… Read More

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So, this arrived today. With it came a sense of relief, of happiness in finally being officially settled into this decision. After months of talking the talk, we’re now on the books. Which means, of course, we have to walk the walk. We’ve been blessed… Read More

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Blame the Heat

My son is walking from room to room (in our teeny-tiny-too-small-for-a-family-of-six house) making a buzzing, humming sort of sound. You know that sound that light sabers make when they’re not actively clashing against one another. That super annoying, almost bug zapper like sound? Yes. That.… Read More

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Lila twirls on the swing, Cinderella gown dragging in the dust at her heels. Her hair face is dirt smudged, her hair haphazardly pinched like falling haystacks between two plastic clips on the top of her head. Pretty is nice. Princess skirts and beautiful updos,… Read More