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I doodled with my kids this week, Christmas and winter themed pictures. Gift boxes. Trees. Snowmen. As I laid down a crudely drawn ornament on the table for Asher to color in, Alex marveled at the works of my hands. You’re a great artist, Mama.… Read More

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Leading up to Easter, my family watched The Bible miniseries. Two hours at a go, with stories that I have heard all of my life, with children who don’t often have the attention span to sit through two hours of anything that doesn’t involve music,… Read More

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My twenty-two month old is in my bedroom, standing barefoot in a mess of her own making, squealing in gibberish. With her just-woke-up-from-a-nap hair and the smudges of cereal bar on her cheeks, she looks like a homeless, uncared for, disaster. Oh, but, her smile.… Read More

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I awoke to Alex at my bedside, rubbing his eyes. As I squinted through slumber, I saw his fidgeting shadow, his hands rubbing his eyes. My body wants to cry and I don’t know why. Oh, honey, come on up. I slid back and made… Read More

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On the day of high school graduation, I was pulled aside by a teacher. Actually, I was pulled aside by two teachers, in succession. The first emphatically told me how smart I am and not to be afraid of math (I had taken his Algebra… Read More