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High-Five, Mom

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and I don’t want to do sappy, tear-jerky, Hallmark card worthy tribute to how beautiful and trans-formative Motherhood is. Not that it isn’t. Because it is. I just really want to send a big High-Five out to all of my fellow mother-in-the-trenches out… Read More

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So, That Happened

It all started with Asher, peeing his pants. With Evie scooped up in my arms and my foot already out the front door, Asher came running behind me, soaked through his the-button-on-these-pants-is-too-hard jeans. The bus that brings Lila home from kindergarten (and takes her back… Read More

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She says it daily, sometimes hourly. She says it sometimes with whining and sometimes with earnest conviction. Regardless, she says it and I hate it. I can’t. You can, I tell her, daily, sometimes hourly. I remind her, sometimes with motherly exasperation, sometimes with earnest conviction:… Read More

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Ten years ago, I sat at my desk in my closet-sized office, typing fiction and quickly reopening work related windows whenever my boss would pop in to ask a question or check on how my projects were coming along. I would share writings maybe with… Read More