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Lila lives mid-sentence. In her brain, words rise like the tide, whirling into waves, until she catches a glimpse of me, walking by to fill a glass of water and she says, “oh, and, Mama, I think…” and the words wash over me. It’ll be… Read More

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I used to swim across the lake on summer afternoons or humid evenings as dinner was being grilled. It’s a narrow lake, not terribly deep and the most harmful creatures in it are probably the little snapping turtles or the sharp edges of the freshwater… Read More

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Vacation Language

Language is a slippery thing. Seventeen years of forgetting words and phrases, and  then only a matter of days to have it come slipping back, in my sleep, in my subconscious. We’re in Romania, the country I have been gently coaxing Vinnie to come to,… Read More

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Spring, We Can Do Better

I don’t trust spring. It’s slow and indecisive. It comes in waves of warmth, then turns a shoulder and you’re cranking the heat again. Like most lifelong New Englanders, the sweaters and jeans and long sleeve shirts stay in my drawers, ready at a moment’s notice,… Read More

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Earlier this week, I went away. On my own, I drove the long miles out to the Berkshires and doubted my decision as every mile marker blurred past. What was I doing? Leaving Vinnie to figure out childcare for three days and rearrange his overnight… Read More