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It starts as such a small thing. Something like a seed caught between teeth, within a tooth, cracking through the enamel. I’m forty with four children and, now, of all of the times, in the midst of a pandemic in which the world has shuttered… Read More

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It’s April and our yard is sodden and swampy at the base of the hill. The kids ride their bikes down it, splattering mud from their wheels. It was sunny for Easter, but the rain and wind were back yesterday, keeping me awake after midnight… Read More

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Waking Up

Today, I woke up. After what has felt like so many days of the unknown, now we know. It’s here and it is going to burn through our country as it has others, match tip to match tip, a flame reshaping the landscape of our… Read More

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Where We Are Now

March 24, 2020 You’d never know that the world is at a standstill that we’re all in the discomfort of change, that each house with children on our block is suddenly louder and messier, each thrown into this disorganized Tuesday (is it Tuesday? was St.… Read More

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When I do sleep, my dreams are vivid – omens with oceans washing over me, or waiting for me, splashing at my feet as I maneuver wobbly obstacle courses above. They are the untangling of my daily life, in a maze of walls, a crooked… Read More

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I once had a nearly completed novel about a twenty-seven-year-old, leaving her job on a whim and finding herself out in Eastern Europe. It was perfectly fine, a novel that I had begun when I was fresh out of college and applying to Master’s programs.… Read More