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A Letter to My Son

I used to the think space between years was just a long exhale, a breath. I solitary beat in a life that will have many, many beats. Nothing distinguishable from one inhale to the next. But then, there was you. Thirteen years ago, I spent… Read More

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In The Overflow

It’s a feeling, really. Nothing more. It’s the unease of highway driving in a deluge, it’s the inability to see the lines on the road through the watery windshield. It’s guiding yourself only by the blurred taillights of the cars up ahead and wondering how… Read More

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Truth Is

Lila runs in, a small scratch on her cheek, tiny crimson beads appearing like a misplaced smile and cutting across the dirt on her skin. It’s close to dinnertime, so I send her to the bath. It’s just a little scrape, but after an afternoon… Read More

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Leading up to Easter, my family watched The Bible miniseries. Two hours at a go, with stories that I have heard all of my life, with children who don’t often have the attention span to sit through two hours of anything that doesn’t involve music,… Read More

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On the day of high school graduation, I was pulled aside by a teacher. Actually, I was pulled aside by two teachers, in succession. The first emphatically told me how smart I am and not to be afraid of math (I had taken his Algebra… Read More