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She’s weepy when she’s feverish or anxious. This bold daughter of mine, she lets down her walls as her eyes brim and her small body leans in for reassurance in our arms. This holiday break was a game of viral dominos, of falling pieces, the… Read More

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Strong: adjective 1) having the power to move heavy weights or perform other difficult tasks 2) able to withstand great force or pressure I watched Wild last night. It’s the sort of wanderlust, go off somewhere by yourself for months on end and have a… Read More

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One Year

It’s an old story, stop me if you’ve heard it before. Two thirty-something moms stop for a drink on their way home from grocery shopping on a winter’s eve. They sit at the bar, at the only available seats, and are chatted up by an… Read More

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My daughter sat beside me as I downloaded the files. My daughter who has seen me work before, watched as I’ve opened images, filtered through the rows of happy faces, of brides stepping into their wedding gowns, of pristine couples standing at alters, in gardens,… Read More