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Art and Outtakes and Living Big, Messy, Passionate Lives

We watched a slideshow of old photographs for Lila’s birthday. Pixelated, not entirely crisp or even well-seen pictures, all blown up for closer inspection on our big screen television. Close-ups of messy Popsicles in the fists of toddlers, boring pictures of kids perched atop park slides, so… Read More

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Here’s a (not so big) secret about me: I cannot say no. Unless you are under five feet tall and either directly descended from me or placed in my care for babysitting  – I will find a way to give you whatever you ask for.… Read More

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Be There

I don’t often write about my job in much detail here, but I had a moment recently that struck me, both as a photographer and as a mother. I was at a wedding, waiting for the bridesmaids to make their walk down the aisle when… Read More

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While walking and talking business with a good friend, I was marveling aloud at how blessed I have been, finding myself able to enjoy what I do, in a field that was completely unexpected, and to be able to help support my family. She is… Read More