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Goodness Knows


isn’t a lofty goal

or perfection.

It doesn’t come from a counter-top well cleaned or

a cake well baked.

It isn’t in a corner office

or in a church pew.

It isn’t eloquence or poetry or a book well written.

It isn’t art or beauty or music or light.



isn’t God bless you after a sneeze

or I’ll pray for you before a trial.

It isn’t a feeling, a hug,

an ideal that speaks to all the ways

we can perfect ourselves

by ourselves.

Goodness Knows.


Goodness knows every failed attempt.

Every white lie,

(yellow lie, green lie, indigo lie.

Every flaming

red lie.)

It hears every raised voice and sees every

clenched fist.

It knows the anger of my pounding heart.


Goodness knows every intention not met,

every moment spent looking away.

It knows the

the height of my successes,

the depth of my failings.

Goodness knows.


And it doesn’t hold hands.

It molds hearts.

It isn’t being best.

It is being broken.

It is silence and darkness and the end before the beginning.

It is the moment in human history,




that shames me to my knees.

It is every broken moment of

my broken life.

My whole life,



Goodness knows,

even me.

Unto death.


  1. Alicia

    Your writing…it is so beautiful. I love every word of it. You should be professionally published, you would warm so many hearts. Thank you so much for writing such beautiful work. I hope your night is as beautiful as your soul! Tata!

  2. Thank you, Alicia. You are too kind. I do have some works floating around out there in the published world, you can find my fiction work here. But I haven’t yet done non-fiction or personal essays. Perhaps in the future. Thank you for your encouragement. 😉

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