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In first few hours of my life post-wedding season, I have ‘eaten’ no less than a dozen Play-Doh creations, refereed four fights, one of which escalated to tears and Lila eventually heading into the longest time-out ever, after shouting that she’s not listening to me anymore (when I had stopped talking altogether at least ten minutes before), and a sniffly, snotting baby, screaming and writhing in my lap.

I held her though, because I know what it feels like to have a fever and be unsettled. I know that I would want to be loved and held, no matter how much I struggled.

I ate frosting covered “pies” and broccoli-frosting-strawberry-infused “cookies” – one after the other, after the other. Because I remember what it was like to want my mother’s attention, how it felt to see her smile at my silliness.

And with Lila and her fit, I couldn’t help but feel hit over the head, yet again, with the Golden Rule and it sealed my lips. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Of course Lila yells. I yell.

Of course Evaline yells. Asher yells. Alex yells. I yell.

Do unto others, even your little ones (especially, your little ones.)

If you aren’t willing to be yelled at, don’t yell.

And perhaps because we have just, thankfully, ended a contentious political season and I am still processing much of my thoughts on, well, everything, I am struck by how simple it all really is, and how crazy it is that we all can’t seem to grasp it. There is just one little rule, for liberty, for peace, in our homes, in our country.

Do unto others.

If you aren’t willing to give, don’t take.

If you aren’t willing to be hurt, don’t strike.

If you don’t want to live your life based on the belief system of your neighbor, don’t expect them to live by yours.

For my fellow Christ followers, this isn’t an easy pass to say, water down the truth. It’s an open challenge, to live it.

Jesus didn’t petition to have the government regulate how sinners (people like me) live, he went and had dinner with them.

Real changes comes from real love. End of story.

But back to my kids and me.

Lila fell asleep. Evie had a bath to de-snot. Asher and Alex played outside with neighborhood kids. And I’m about to go clean up a Play-Doh crusted kitchen table.

Welcome to my “off season.”

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