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Psst. You. You there with the red equality profile picture on Facebook and your snappy status updates about gay marriage and other folks being on the wrong side of history. I love you.

And, hey, you too, quietly watching the courts and wondering when the government will pay attention to you, when the government will grant you decency of acknowledging your relationship as a relationship, as a union, a life between two people, shared. I love you.

And you, over there, Bible in your lap, praying, trying to reconcile what you are reading with what you are feeling, worrying that no matter what you say, because of that book you’re holding to as truth, you will be misunderstood, misquoted, hated. I love you.

You are all welcome in my home. You are all welcome in my church. You are all welcome in my heart.

We all, all of us, ought to get along. And we all, all of us, ought to love.

But here’s the thing.

This country we live in? It is not perfect. And this world we live in, it is broken.

It is not ever going to be made right by our hands – not via our public forums and certainly not by our governments.

We can’t fix a world that we did not create. We can’t vote our way to peace, or trust a politician to save us from our own human failings. We can’t expect a court to always side with our hearts or for the betterment of our individual lives.

Because the small, simple truth is, as much as we try to be more than what we are – we’re going to fail. If we’re trying to accomplish anything without God’s grace, wisdom and will, we will be lost.

What we can do, what we must do, is all that is asked of us, first and foremost.


Love one another.

Love as Christ loves the church. (You know, the broken, had-to-die-on-a-cross-and-be-resurrected-again-just-to-fix-it, church.)

Can we all stop pointing fingers, please?

Can we all please stop telling other people how to feel – and how wrong they are to feel it? (I’m talking to both sides here, folks. We’re all in the brokenness.)

Maybe it’s just from where I am in life at the moment, constantly refereeing bickering and squabbles over who got the largest scoop of ice cream or who broke whose favorite toy – but I just can’t help but want to put everyone in time out this morning and yell: Can’t we all just get along?

And. End rant. Feel free to return to your profile picture updating, meme sharing, threads of debates that go round and round, day.

(But maybe, go with love.)


  1. Kris

    Amen, I dealt with persecution about this article when I said I felt the same way. I just wanted everyone to know that I loved them, but instead they read what they saw. Thank you for expressing so brilliantly how I feel as well.

    • I’m so happy that this post was able to resonate for you. It’s not easy, finding the balance to be humble and loving, while speaking truth. Love has to come first, from all of us.

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