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Marshan Marshmellos: Storyboards by Alex

Alex and Lila each chose to work on unprompted creative projects this week. (Lila wrote a book called Princess Ella and the Magic Crystal, but before I had a chance to snap a few shots of it, she had actually given it as a gift to her classmate, Ella.)

Alex is looking forward to making this into a feature film in the future. (I believe he is also looking forward to purchasing bags and bags of those giant campfire marshmallows to shoot with. Or eat.)

Marshan Marshmellos Simply Mella Photography-06736 Simply Mella Photography-06739 Simply Mella Photography-06741 Simply Mella Photography-06744 Simply Mella Photography-06746 Simply Mella Photography-06749 Simply Mella Photography-06753

(Apparently, stealing a page from Space Jam, Alex’s martians play a mean game of basketball…while also selling themselves as snacks in the stands.)

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