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The Slipping Season

It’s been a very subtle thing, since around Christmas time of last year. This feeling, this slow knowing that things were starting to slip. Intangible, largely indescribable things. Inside, Outside. After my grandmother’s funeral last winter, my father pointed out that one of my eyes… Read More

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Lila lives mid-sentence. In her brain, words rise like the tide, whirling into waves, until she catches a glimpse of me, walking by to fill a glass of water and she says, “oh, and, Mama, I think…” and the words wash over me. It’ll be… Read More

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I used to swim across the lake on summer afternoons or humid evenings as dinner was being grilled. It’s a narrow lake, not terribly deep and the most harmful creatures in it are probably the little snapping turtles or the sharp edges of the freshwater… Read More

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Vacation Language

Language is a slippery thing. Seventeen years of forgetting words and phrases, and  then only a matter of days to have it come slipping back, in my sleep, in my subconscious. We’re in Romania, the country I have been gently coaxing Vinnie to come to,… Read More