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Drawing up the Ladder

The morning started with Evie stirring and Lila marching into our bedroom. Soon Alex and Asher were darting in and out. There was loud banging, there were children hanging from the treadmill, there was Lila loudly announcing she was going to cuddle next to me, there was Evie yelling, crying, snotting. I think I opened my eyes to a whiffle ball bat swinging over my head.

Children were shooed, coffee brewed, diapers changed and out the door to work I went.

Lunchtime and I came home to two children excited to go out into the mild January afternoon, one child whining for apple juice and a clingy, teething baby with a fever and a gruff cough that shook her whole body with each grumbling hack.

Insanity ensued as I kissed scraped knees, foreheads, bumps and bruises from an afternoon’s play. I refereed squabbles over Kinect games or who spilled the LEGO’s, all the while being used as a human tissue for Evaline’s never ending runny nose.

Vinnie came home to a house that looked like I had essentially been laying around eating bon bon’s – soup spilled on the floor, cracker crumbs (everywhere), an unknown wetness in front of the trash closet, LEGO’s (again), hampers at their brink. And dishes? Don’t even get me started on dishes.

But this, this isn’t a blog about laundry or LEGO’s or even cute stories about my kids (though they may star in some of my ramblings.)

I’m not looking for a thousand followers and I won’t have daily posts with contests or book reviews or insightful, life-changing bits of wit and wisdom. Because, dear reader, I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing it for me.

In a life where I’m crowded on my couch, squished between three children and a wriggling baby, where I never have the remote control, where my computer is always open for image editing and client contacting – writing, eloquently or not, gives me space, gives me air, gives me peace.

And so, much like (the backup of) laundry in my life, this won’t be a daily habit. But it will be something I will strive to allow myself to do more often.

In the meantime, feel free to poke around. Some glimpses from my blogging past are there on the left-hand side of the page under the tab “Where I’ve Been.” (Or if you are curious as to why The Frozen Moon, click on the “About” tab way up at the top of the page.)

More to come (both glimpses into the past and slices of life in the moment.)

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