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(And in Pictures)

Scroll down to read Beautiful  – but after writing it late last night, Lila was up and princessing it again this morning and I had to catch it in a few pictures.

If you can’t find a man as good as your father, find one as great as your brothers. I hope she realizes how lucky she is.

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Writer, Photographer, Wife, Mother to four rambunctious and amazing children.

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  1. My heart is melting into a tiny pool of all that cuteness! Truly wonderful that you captured those moments. If I was your daughter, I’d frame that last one and put in my princess room. Then I’d drag it off to college and roll my eyes when my brother started dating some stupid young thing. Then I’d fold it up in my backpack as I explored Europe just to know he’s close. Later, I would put it on my kitchen wall, amidst the artwork and sticky jelly handprints, so my children could look at it.

    Brother, protector, guardian, friend. Priceless!

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