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Traditions and Why We Are What We Do

The first time, I was ten weeks pregnant. We, Alex and Lila and I, slept together in a hotel room, where Vinnie would meet us in the morning and we would go to the fair as a family.

The bleeding started after my youngest two had fallen asleep and when I curled beside them in the bed, I stifled my tears into the pillows. I wiped my cheeks dry and I strained my ears, listening in the dark for their sleeping breath to bring me peace in a night I knew I would not sleep.

In the morning, we detoured from our plans. Three year old Alex sat beside me on the hotel love seat and asked, why are you going to the hospital? Are they taking my brother out?

Vinnie met me at there, in the same waiting rooms we had sat months before. The same ultrasound floor where we first felt the punch of loss.  He held my hand. Two losses in, we both knew how likely it was that this was the third.

Only, it wasn’t.

It would be a take-it-slow pregnancy. It would be a call-every-couple-weeks-when-the-bleeding-comes-back-and-you-panic pregnancy.

But, we left he hospital, whole, and with glossy ultrasound pictures of Asher tucked into my purse. And, though sleepless and emotionally spent, we made the drive back to what we had promised Alex and Lila – the fair.

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Sometimes, you revisit traditions over and over again to create a steady rhythm in your life.

Sometimes, you take your childhood traditions and make them your children’s childhood traditions, because so much of parenthood is recreating the good of our own upbringing, while trying to smooth out the wrinkles.

Sometimes, you force new traditions to be old traditions, because everyone has them, so, you must. Squeeze a square peg into a round hole until the edges are dulled enough that it may not fit cleanly, but it’s stuck.

And, sometimes, you return to the scenes where your family first began to feel whole, and you do it over and over, as though it’s salve to your bond as a family.

Sometimes, you go back to where you know you felt a pulse, where you know there was a heartbeat.


Do you feel it?

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It’s a fair. It’s deep fried everything. It’s walking and carrying bags of stuffed prizes and overpriced everything. It’s making unwise eating choices and pretending for a moment that we are rural and agricultural as a family. It’s marveling at a butter sculpture.

It’s Alex growing so much that he’s denied a ride in the kiddie-section. It’s Lila sitting and having her face painted for the first time. It’s Asher holding my hand and skipping down the midway. It’s fresh milk and wild raspberries and kettle corn on the grass. It’s Evaline on her dad’s shoulders for one. more. year.

And we return to it.

Simply Mella Photography-02523 Simply Mella Photography-02528 Simply Mella Photography-02531 Simply Mella Photography-02542

Simply Mella Photography-02580 Simply Mella Photography-02640 Simply Mella Photography-02758 Simply Mella Photography-02760My kids don’t know that I reminisce about that first year, while we’re waiting in line for tickets. And they don’t know that I remember, each long car drive down, the fear in my gut and the tears and how it was their slumbering bodies by my side that saved me, that kept me from sobbing through the entire night.

My kids don’t know the fair as anything more than what it is to them, at this moment in their lives. It is a day off from schoolwork. A day of too much sugar and so many rides.

It’s a day that we spend, together, as a family.

So, I guess they get the gist of it, just fine.

Simply Mella Photography-02724

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  1. Kathy Bailey

    Deerfield is the BEST fair. We always ate at the Deerfield Community Church booth and got apple crisp at Pat’s Apple Crisp. We always went to the circus late in the afternoon and huddled under blankets on the bleachers. I haven’t been in a couple of years because I can never find my car, but I’m glad that you can go and that it’s a tradition. I love the way you chart the children’s growth with the sheep cutouts!
    I’m also glad you didn’t lose Asher. For so many reasons.

    • The Deerfield Fair IS great. It’s actually the first one I ever went to, which happened just after I started at Londonderry Church and Alex was only a baby.

      But…our tradition is The Big E down in Springfield. We go for the replica state houses and the parades and expos.

      (And, well, because, tradition.) 😉

  2. Kathy Bailey

    So this was BIg E? It looked like Deerfield! When you’ve seen one midway etc….
    Need the kids for a skit in November. Will feed you guys the script this Sunday or the next. Need Lopshires too.
    I AM so glad you got to keep Asher, he is one of a kind.
    Have a good week,

    • So true, about the Midway. I think they even have some of the same vendors (Billies Baked Potatoes, I seem to recall…) 🙂

      Thanks so much, the kids are always up for a skit. 🙂

  3. Tia

    Fryeburg Fair in Maine. That is my tradition, my ‘Disney Land.’ The animals, the midway, the history. And the brilliant, breathtaking foliage on the way there.

    Some day I will have to make it out to the Big E. I’ve heard so much about it – but it is certainly a hike out there!

    Gorgeous pics as always! Miss you all!!

    • It is! But, it’s worth the trip (especially if you stay over the night before.) We spent quite a bit of time in the Maine building…even came home with a couple of Wicked Whoopie Pies…one of which is ginormous.)

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